FCG Classification Services in Health and Social Care

FCG  Classification

Prodacapo offers through its owner, FCG Consulting Group a comprehensive set of knowledge management tools and services for its Finnish and international clients in the heathcare sector.
FCG is one of the leading suppliers of patient classification systems as well as quality and performance indicator solutions for the social and healthcare sector in the Nordic countries. The services are used to support FCG’s customers, particularly those in the Finnish social and healthcare sector, in the ongoing structural change and in preparation for future challenges.
The FCG’s Wellbeing sector maintains and develops social and healthcare sector services and patient classification systems for analysing operations and finances and for management support. Some of FCG’s classification products are the tools for measuring patients functional capacity, need of help and nursing intensity
  • NordDRG patient classification system for the specialized care
  • EPR patient/client classification system for the regional care pathways
  • pDRG patient classification system for the primary care
  • dDRG patient classification system for the dental care
  • Patient classification system for the social services (in development)
  • FIM®  Rehabilitation and Disability Services
  • TUVA® Mental Health Services
  • RAVA® Services for the elderly
  • RAFAELA® Classification system