Design thinking important to FCG Prodacapo Group

Design thinking important to FCG Prodacapo Group

According to design thinking, clients are actively involved in the development of products and services. "It’s all about listening to, and interacting with our clients. They mean everything to us, and are the reason for our existence. We need to know about their daily challenges", says Raine Vasanoja, VP Marketing & Sales at FCG Prodacapo Group.

"Share your challenges with us, and we’ll find a solution together. Everything we do is a result from our meetings with customers. That's how we've been working since the 90's. We listen to our customers and then we develop our products according to their needs and wishes,” Vasanoja says.

Where can You meet FCG Prodacapo during the autumn, what's next on the program?

“We will exhibit at the Healthcare Economics Days conference in Helsinki, Finland, on August 24-25. We will also be exhibiting at the Casemix Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, September 6-7.”  


Why do You attend at these conferences?

"This is where we meet with our customers and can have a natural dialogue about their future needs. We also need to keep track of what's happening in the market and about future trends," he says.

Do You also organize your own events?

"Sure, this spring we organized an afternoon seminar in Denmark about patient level costing as a tool to create value in healthcare. Currently, we are planning new user conferences. These conferences act as an important platform for development and knowledge transfer between our customers and us.” 

Where can one find information about these events?

“We publish information about our activities in the news feed on our website. Now we also have a Facebook page where we display upcoming events.” 


Tell me more about FCG Prodacaps's presence on Facebook and social media. What do you want to accomplish?

"We want to put our business and what we do in a broader context and create a meeting place for people, not just customers who are interested in performance management. We need to have a holistic view and understand the whole value chain.”


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