FCG Prodacapo Group – what, why and when?

FCG Prodacapo Group – what, why and when?

FCG Datawell and Prodacapo have merged to become FCG Prodacapo Group on April 1, 2017. The nominated CEO of FCG Prodacapo Group Kari Lappalainen and CEO of Sweden Rickard Moestam tell their views on what’s going on.

FCG Datawell and Prodacapo became one company on April 1. What are the reasons for the merger and what is happening next to realize the synergy potential?


Both FCG Datawell and Prodacapo are Nordic healthcare market leaders Time-Driven Activity Based Costing and Performance Management solutions. This is creating a unique ability to provide support for Value-Based Healthcare.


We discovered that our offerings are supporting each other. By combining these on a mutual platform we will be able to create more value for our existing customers and be able to be activate our presence internationally outside of our home market.


Both companies are strong within healthcare costing, FCG Datawell with regional service integration and Prodacapo with Process Management and Balanced Scorecard as well. Together, the customers cover the most part of the Nordic healthcare scene. How does it affect existing customers?


The portfolio will be larger. We will be able to cover and integrate data at customer or patient level from the entire healthcare flow including social services. The costing-platform will have Prodacapo as an engine with current Datawell regional solutions integrated. Although that new solutions and services will be available.


Prodacapo customers may continue as before. Datawell customers will be offered the new platform. The current local teams will remain, and support will be provided as before. All-in-all, our customers will have access to a complete suite of tools and solutions, which will save time and increase the quality of the output.


Finnish based FCG Datawell Oy has subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway. Prodacapo has its offices in Sweden. How will the new organization look, and where will the offices be located?


FCG Prodacapo Group is part of FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd. FCG Group has a lot of synergistic business areas and we believe that the co-operation will bring significant benefits to our customers.


We want to continue to operate close to our customers. Therefore FCG Prodacapo Group is going to have its own subsidiaries in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The naming of the companies will be harmonized. Currently our direct office network consists of Helsinki and Kuopio in Finland, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Örnsköldvik in Sweden and Oslo in Norway. In other European countries we are operating through our partner network.


Solution development is carried out as a single organization, where the the roles and responsibilities can be found naturally on the basis of the strengths of the development teams.


FCG Datawell is working solely towards the healthcare sector, while Prodacapo also works towards the other industries. Where will the focus be from now on?


The other industries are going to be served as before. The solution platform for the other and healthcare industries is based on Activity Based Costing and Management methodology. We are developing these in parallel. Other sectors has a longer tradition of Performance Management, and is therefore a very important reference to the healthcare sector. Our international partner network is very important to us, and we are continuing to develop it. Our intention is to grow and deliver the better solutions and services.