Let's meet up in Denmark!

Let's meet up in Denmark!

FCG Prodacapo will be participating in two events in Denmark this autumn - the DRG-konference in Aalborg and WHINN in Odense. Hope to see you there!

In Denmark there are a number of initiatives and projects with the objective to find ways to create value for the individual patient with limited resources, popularly labeled under Value-based healthcare.


FCG Prodacapo has a long experience and provides software for monitoring and managing resource utilisation and processes at patient level, and will be participating at the following events in Denmark during the autumn of 2017:


DRG-konference, Aalborg, October 5-6

Dates: October 5-6

Location: DGI Huset Nordkraft, Kjellerup Torv, 9000 Aalborg


DRG-konference 2017 is a Danish national conference on DRG targeted to healthcare managers and people working with related issues in hospitals, municipalities, regions and other organisations.


FCG Prodacapo provides solution for performance management in the healthcare sector, and will participate in the conference.


The emphasis in this conference will be the role of DRG as part of the healthcare system in Denmark, where the healthcare management system is in transition. There are ongoing initiatives and discussions on how to implement value based healthcare, i.e on how to embed value and efficiency into the heathcare management steering model.


"Feel free to contact me. We’d be happy to share our experiences from Norway, Finland and Sweden with other delegates."

Eva Carlén, FCG Prodacapo Sweden


Eva Carlén

E-mail: eva.carlen@prodacapo.com

Tel: +46 70 698 25 16   


More information about the event (in Dannish)






WHINN, Odense, October 10-11

Dates: October 10-11

Location: Odense Congress Center, Odense


WHINN is a series of conferences, side events, exhibition, matchmaking and networking activities - all within health and innovation.


The topics for 2017 are value based health and care, connected health and sustainable hospitals.


FCG Prodacapo will be at WHINN on October 10-11 participating in the two-day conference “Valuebased Healthcare - How, why and for Whom?”.


Furthermore you can meet us at the seminar Patient Recorded Outcome i det danske Sundhedsvæsen.


"For a demo on FCG Prodacapos healthcare solution, or if you just want to discuss value-based healthcare and management, please contact me!" 

Raine Vasanoja, FCG Prodacapo Sweden


Raine Vasanoja

E-mail: raine.vasanoja@prodacapo.com

Tel: +46 70 698 25 03


More information about the event






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