Prodacapo Nimes

Prodcapo Nimes

Prodacapo Nimes is a product concept for quality assurance, monitoring, reporting and analysis of activity data for hospitals.

To give a precise description of the activity and health care that has been provided by a hospital, correct data of high quality is crucial. A hospital’s activity data is used at different levels, for different purposes, both internally, by health care providers and by the authorities. The activity data also forms the basis for different forms of activity based financing (ABF).

Nimes contains rules for quality and validation. Imported datasets are validated, and Nimes provides structured views of the validation result. Nimes will also perform DRG grouping and construction of hospital stays, which is an integral part of activity based financing.

The resulting data sets serve as basis for reporting to the authorities, reimbursement result, monitoring of activity and health care statistics, as well as quality assurance.

An integral part of Prodacapo Nimes is a module for monitoring and control of medical coding practices. The module contains a search and navigation tool for medical (ICD-10) and procedure codes, including DRG and ABF results.

The Nimes presentation and analysis tools provide the ability to build advanced queries. The queries can be used to perform different types of activity analysis, as well as monitoring the results related to ABF.

Using Prodacapo Nimes, the hospitals gain an excellent view on their activity data and the quality of these data.

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