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Prodacapo Groupers 

Prodacapo Groupers is a comprehensive family of both case-mix groupers (DRG systems) and episode groupers. Groupers are based on and certified for Nordic standards (NordDRG) and they are available in different applications and programming interfaces for system integration. Applications include batch processing tools for Windows and Linux, interactive expert version for Windows and cloud service in Web. Programming interfaces include Windows DLL, REST API, SOAP API and TCP sockets interfaces, to implement DRG grouping capabilities on Your PAS or other system.
  • Annual and other updates w/o recompilation in target environments: separation of logic engine and rules database (DSL).
  • Self-propelled grouper, no need for a database or other application or framework dependencies.
  • In addition to actual DRG grouping result data quality can be flagged. These flags can be used for analyzing whether input data, such as ICD codes, are correct, have affected output DRG or if there are some errors or warnings for using infeasible ICD codes, asterisk-dagger pairs or codes unsuitable for this kind of patient case, helping clinical coders in their work aiming at high quality data entry.
  • Previously vendor and certified groupers for Norway, Denmark and Germany (G-DRG).
  • Technical maintenance partner w. Nordic Case-mix Centre and member of Expert Group.
  • Integerates seamlessly with Prodacapo Region, Prodacapo Costing and Prodacapo Planning.

In addition to case-mix groupers Prodacapo provides episode groupers that are required in regional service network analyses and in VBHC. Episode grouper can be either configured to suit customer’s own episode specifications or it can use standard specifications such as pDRG/EPR® (patient episode grouper covering primary care, secondary care and social services, defined by Assiciation of Finnish local and regional authorities).

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