Prodacapo Planning

Prodacapo Planning

Prodacapo Planning is a case-mix, production and pricing planning tool for social and health care service provider networks and service producers. It links regional service demand and quality targets to actual production and allocation of the production (also outsourced production) in the area. Planning can be done at the customer segment and episode of care level, providing tools for a VBHC based view and simulation.

  • As a module of Prodacapo Region, Prodacapo Planning seamlessly integrates and utilizes Prodacapo Region’s data, thus making migration projects straightforward w/o new data feeds or definition projects.
  • Is highly configured and productized.
  • Links to and includes comprehensive follow-up reporting of planned vs. actual targets from the points of view of service volume, service costs and service quality.
  • This follow-up reporting can be also openly published to inform all relevant actors in the region about the actual performance of the service network, including but limited to reporting to the citizens.
  • Thanks to its open interfaces does not build yet another data silo.
  • Prodacapo Planning is SPR compliant.
  • Links directly and supports case-mix and episode groupings by Prodacapo Groupers as regional and local product specifications.
  • In addition to the productization systems supported by Prodacapo Groupers, Finnish social and health care information packets are also fully supported.
  • Utilizes actual costing data (PLC - patient level costing and clinical service level costing) calculated in Prodacapo Costing.
  • Planning data is based on actual production and cost (calc in Prodacapo Costing) data in Prodacapo Region including special, primary and social care in different customer segments and common regional master data (organization and products).
  • Service demand is based on population, segments and service utilization profiles (that can be edited/planned.
  • Service demand is planned to be fulfilled by public and private producers’ production.
  • One can set quantitative and qualitative targets in the region and for producers.
  • Own production defines resources required.
  • Analysis of the placement of your resources in the regional network.
  • Provider has an integrated regional view to the whole system in the region.
  • Prodacapo Region supports multiple systems for regional productization at episode and encounter level including national standards: Social and health-care info packets, public service categorization (JHS), pDRG/EPR groupings and other DRG groupings.

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