Prodacapo Region

Prodacapo Network

There is a growing demand  for Value-Based Healthcare requiring services integration as well as an increase in information exchange and transparency between regional service providers.

Prodacapo Region is a new regional performance monitoring and governance solution to build a continuous improvement ecosystem, monitor progress and sustain alignment among the stakeholders involved in creating the new Value Network – A new way of working in regional health and social care.

Why Prodacapo Region?

  • More transparent collaboration improves the implementation of Value Network Culture.
  • Continuous development and redesign of a regional Service Network.
  • Big Data based Predictability and ability to act in Anticipation.
  • Better collaboration between health care professionals, administrative staff and patient.
  • GDPR compliant flows of information in the value network.

What does it do?

  • Combines regional care transactions to one patient care pathway.
  • Valuates the costs and reimbursement of regional care pathways.
  • Evaluates the financial performance and healthcare outcomes of a service network by profiling and segmenting customer data.
  • Visualizes and leveragies knowledge by providing comprehensive, multi-dimensional and advanced analytics including the Prodacapo Region Geographical Information System.

For more info, please contact your local Prodacap office